Services and Solutions

Elite Consultant aspires to become a leading Surveying, GIS and Photogrammetry services provider. This has guided Elite Consultant to establish to create a work environment conducive for efficiency and innovation. Our Offices are well equipped with state-of-the-art computing, networking, security and communication infrastructure. The company has fully equipped Survey Wing and Software Laboratory. All the administrative, design and drawing jobs are carried out with computer aided technology using advanced internationally acceptable software.

Infrastructure and Human Resources

Infrastructure And Human Resources

Elite Consultants recognizes that its people are the primary source of its competitiveness. It is committed to equal employment opportunities for attracting the best available talent and ensuring a cosmopolitan workforce. We have exclusive wings for Railway, Highway, Irrigation and GIS Projects with the team of highly experienced professionals.

The firm is empanelled with South Central Railways, Southern Railways, South East Central Railways, South Western Railways, East Coast Railways, Central Railways and Western Railways IRCON etc as "Authorized Consultant" for conducting Survey, Planning, and Designing.


Planning And Designing

  • Railways
  • Roads
  • Water Resources and Irrigation Structures
  • Urban planning
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • GIS & Environment Projects

The Elite has so far designed about 2,000 km Railways and 800 km of highways including National Highways, State Highways and Rural Roads. In Urban Infrastructure projects, Elite has designed a number of Residential, Industrial and Academic complexes.

Planning And Design

Planning and design occur a process, by which we mean that they follow a logical sequence of actions or events that must be carried out to arrive at a viable solution. It is a multi-disciplinary problem-solving operations often involving architects, landscape architects and engineers, and frequently may require input from physical scientist as well to address environmental issues. It requires a logical objectivity for some steps, but also allows room for subjective design interpretation at others.


Surveying Services

We provide a variety of surveying services, including wetland delineation, boundary, as built up survey. tree and topographic surveys, staking of railway lines, roadway and drainage projects, and providing finishes floor elevation certificates for real estate closing. We have been contracted by engineering, architectural and residential design firms to provide surveying services for the development of both residential and commercial properties. Our client list comprises numerous Central & State Agencies, and other industrial and private entities.

Surveying Services

The Surveying/mapping services offered by us includes,

  • Topographic Surveying
  • Cadastral Surveying
  • Route survey
  • Utility Planning/Property Survey
  • DGPS Control Survey
  • Staking out of Proposed Alignment
  • As built Survey

Photogrammetry Services

Elite Consultant Roorkee has provided Photogrammetric solutions with Technically Skilled team in Rookee & across India. A lot of changes have occurred since this time and we have been a key driver of new technology. Our derived products go through a barrage of quality control procedures designed to ensure a good product. All photogrammetry services are performed using the most advanced softcopy workstations operating the latest proven software tools.

Surveying Services


Planimetric Services

Elite Consultant Roorkee captures all planimetric features in a 3D environment, maintaining x,y and z values for each individual point, line and polygon. This enables customers to derive 3-D models of such items as road networks, building, utility features and more. We specialize in capturing natural and manmade features for comprehensive GIS solutions or for individual projects. Our techniques and detailed project management assure consistent results and accurate deliverables.

Surveying Services

planimetric mapping digitally captures cultural and natural features in their true coordinate positions, depicting them to scale on our maps. These features include: road edges and centerlines, driveways, curbs and gutters, culverts, water and storm drainage features, utility access covers, utility poles, guard rails, signs, fences, trails and vegetation. Features can be extracted in either two-dimensional or three-dimensional formats.


Digital Terrain Modeling

Elite Consultant maintains a team of experianced professionals who have delivered the best results in DTM/DEM generation using conventional and LIDAR data. Speed and consistency remains intrinsic to our processing methodology as we produce digital terrain models (DTMs) and digital elevation models (DEMs) for specialized applications such as

Surveying Services

  • Resource Management
  • Land-use modeling (e.g., slope stability, forest fires, agricultural production)
  • Pollution monitoring and environmental management
  • Earth Sciences
  • Hydrological modeling
  • Earth surface process modeling
  • Civil and Military Engineering
  • Line-of-sight assessment
  • Aspect analysis
  • Accessibility studies
  • Battle planning
  • Surveying and Photogrammetry
  • Data storage and visualization
  • Production of orthophotography

Geotechnical investigation

Elite Consultant maintains entire gamut of sub surface investigation instruments & machinary’s offers comprehensive geotechnical consultancy services ranging from feasibility and design through to construction supervision.our company offer Laboratory Testing as well as field testing.

Surveying Services

Laboratory Basic & Advanced Test

  • Water content Determination
  • Soil Particle Analysis
  • Atterbergs Limit
  • Natural Density (In-situ)
  • Relative Density (Density Index)
  • Specific Gravity
  • Compaction Test (Proctor Density)
  • Permeability of Soils
  • Consolidation Test
  • Unconfined compression test
  • Direct shear Test
  • Triaxial Test
  • Sub-surface Exploration (S.P.T, D.C.P.T, C.B.R, Plate Load)

Lidar Mapping

Elite Consultant provides turn-key imaging services i.e. Digital orthophotos and various topographic mapping products, including :

Surveying Services

  • Filtering of point clouds
  • Contour Mapping
  • Fusion with digital orthophoto or hyperspectral imagery
  • 3D modeling and volumetric calculation
  • Clinometry and morphometry of drainage basins
  • Flood Plain Mapping
  • Processing of transmission lines and other corridor surveys


Elite Consultant has advanced autocorrelation to a point where it can provide the required Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for digital orthophotography creation. Autocorrelation processes involve mathematical computations of common features found in two pictures captured from different perspectives. This allows us to derive a 3D model very quickly and affordably, providing maximum exploitation of imagery captured with digital aerial sensors while providing a basis for orthophography, terrain modeling, digital elevation models, remote sensing, planimetric mapping, and more.

Surveying Services


Geographic Information System

Elite Consultant Roorkee has provided GIS support on eighteen different software platforms. We understand the intricacies involved in surveying, planimetric mapping, and GIS development. More importantly, we have continually molded our entire operation around the idea of producing a spatially accurate GIS base map. We meet the minimum specifications for photogrammetric mapping and understand every aspect of GIS design, including software and hardware requirements, to ensure the delivery of a suitable GIS base map and a "GIS-Friendly" product.

Surveying Services


Web Based Applications

Elite Consultant deploys web-based GIS for internal project management and for External customers. Our development goes beyond the simple deployment of "out of the box" software. We provide unique solutions, tailored to our customers' needs and desires. Our sites are robust and feature functionality not typically found in other web-based GIS sites. We develop sites for power users as well as the general public. To do this, we put careful consideration in the design and layout, and provide documentation through online help files.

Surveying Services


Location Based Services

Elite Consultant is a dynamic leader in GPS/LBS products and services. MGS has Strategic Partners in Mobile assets, significantly reducing associated with those activities by increasing utilization, decreasing direct and indirect costs, increasing productivity and sales, fully automating business processes or providing forms and tools for mobile workers, and measuring performance. Customers can use and manage their information by logging onto our website or by using automated reporting tools that send customer selected reports at customer selected intervals. We are poised to provide enterprise quality, location based integration services for large private and public corporate users and international licensees.

Surveying Services



Aerial Mapping

We provide Precise Accurate Efficient mapping of large scale tracts of land & Cadastral Mapping

Aerial Inspection

Powerful Cost-Effective High-Resolution Fast & Safe Inspection for Survey of Proposed Railway alignment for obstructions and land acquisition

Virtual Environment

Specialisation in Virtual Environment presentation for mapping Projects.

Aerial Photography

Monitoring project progress of under construction Railway line and 2D / 3D feature extraction based on High resolution ortho photo.


High resolution Video capture of the Project and 2D / 3D feature extraction based on High resolution video.

360 Virtual Tours

Seamless 360 degree Aerial Video to view a scene at any angle.